One of the challenges I faced in implementing my goals was getting stuck on the objectives I set to achieve them. I usually have so many plans, and the need to want to achieve them simultaneously slowed me down and limited how far and fast I wanted to go.

Here are some of the steps I took to achieve my goals. I hope they work for you too: 

1. Set realistic goals

I reached a point where achieving my laid-down goals is essential to my growth. During my undergraduate days, after listening to a motivational speaker, I had my notepad filled with strategies to get some projects done. Still, it was a bit challenging to follow through. It was like a moment thing; one minute, I am all in on getting something done or executing an idea; another moment, I am procrastinating and creating excuses that ‘now’ is not the right time. I realized that personal conviction is the first step, followed by making sure the goal I am setting for myself is realistic, has a timeline and is result-bound. 

2. Be Detailed

I became specific and clear on all the necessary steps I needed to put in place to achieve my goals. I listed what was required per goal, for instance, acquiring new skills, networking with a specific group of people, and dropping habits that were ineffective to my growth.

In addition to this, I made sure the plans listed were progressive, establishing that plan A would help me achieve plan B or Z, and the cycle continued that way.

3. Be Accountable

Accountability was my major challenge. 

The fact that no one would question me or ask how far I had gone towards achieving my goal was my easy escape. There were days I wanted to do nothing. 

It is somewhat common to have days when you want to do anything; after all, keeping busy is nothing close to being productive, and sleeping off some days or not actively doing anything is essential too! (I will talk more on this in a week or two).

I put pressure on myself; knowing I needed a break can be counter-productive. However, I took my ‘time-out’ to a great length that I got so comfortable neglecting all my plans.

Then I realized if I was incapable of holding myself accountable! (I do now, haha!). I decided to start with someone close and firm-my husband. He was there to remind me about the things I told him I wanted to do, those I shared with him, those he came by on his own that I had not executed. It was hard for me because it felt like he was getting involved too much ( like, Mr., they are not your goals). But then again, I asked for his help, so I decided it was high time I took myself seriously. I later on

Your accountability partner must be someone you listen to and respect. There is room for assessment, someone to report to, check on your progress and provide constructive feedback. Aside from having more than two people who now hold me accountable, I firmly hold myself accountable too. I evaluate where I am, where I ought to be, and where I want to be.

It is important to note that going a day without doing anything towards your goals can impact the timeline you have set for yourself. However, taking a break to re-strategize, ease off, be in a healthy headspace is essential too.

Have a fantastic week, and feel free to share the tips that have helped you achieve your goals.