I am so glad you made it to this corner! I promise not to waste your time!

My name is Olayinka, and I love to talk about relatable topics that are thought-provoking (in the most positive way). Nice to Have You Here!

I understand how hard it may be for some of us to share our feelings because we don’t want to be misjudged or misunderstood. I sometimes find it hard to communicate because I tend to overthink things. Hence, I hold back, try to simplify and, in the process, oversimplify or even make it more complicated. Then the whole essence is lost.

So, I decided to share my thoughts, ideas, moments, and journeys with you to learn and grow together.

I hope this becomes a close-knitted community where we can bounce off ideas and share our experiences in an environment that encourages love and promotes living a wholly life.

A little about me

  1. I love Jesus and how He truly loves me
  2. I got married in 2019 to Segun, and we have a lovely daughter whose smile can turn a bad day into one filled with light!
  3. I am well-rounded in branding and public relations; I love developing communication strategies for firms, especially start-ups.
  4. I find vulnerability to be one of the ways to live wholly. 
  5. I appreciate people that treat others with respect, honour, and love.
  6. I am on a journey to live fully without letting fear get in the way anymore (Literally, I tell the Devil, not today!)
  7. I hope to inspire and learn from you 

Stay in Touch.