Usually, when asked, “how are you doing?” my default answer had always been “I’m doing okay..or very well..” even when things seem to be out of my control(never out of God’s control..sometimes I do forget this). Being overwhelmed is underrated

However, I replied, “I’ve been so overwhelmed and stressed in the past few weeks.” Between juggling a 9-5, taking care of a toddler, my marriage, and constantly asking the questions of what next? I’ve been spiralling in a circle of needing to take a break, breathe some more, and enjoy some moment alone.

It was so bad; I broke into tears while sitting on my toilet seat and while in the shower. Then it dawned on me- I was stressing over ‘being stressed’ without thinking about how to handle it all and still be okay. I cried it all out to feel better. I talked about it. And I worked on creating more boundaries.

Now, don’t get me wrong about boundaries. I mean, a lot is happening that we are all taking in all at once. Some of us grew up knowing that we have to be the back and call for ‘everyone.’ That is, the more you can give yourself to, the greater your strength, resilience and love. I hope we all know better now not to feel subjected to being defined this way. That even a little over the stretch can cause an emotional breakdown, amongst other things. 

We should not be defined by how much we can break ourselves down to build others up. It is important to note that we must be whole to love others and give more wholly. We must constantly remind ourselves that we are all navigating through life and new phases differently; managing stress, especially with each new stage of life, can unconsciously take a toll on us. 

I did the following last week and felt better. I hope it works great for you too:

    • I reminded myself that it was okay to feel what I felt
    • I decided to stop stressing over how stressed I am 
    • I tightened up my boundaries to accommodate more of what brings me light and joy; I said ‘Yes’ less often to people I think I have to overly stretch myself for (You can only pour from a full cup, not an empty one..hence the need to pause and refuel); 
    • I created a shorter list of daily tasks/goals to ensure more productivity. 
    • I asked for help where and when necessary and appreciated every care and love shown to me.
    • I prioritized my emotional state and rest. 
    • Lastly and most important of it all, I prayed and studied the word of God more; In Him alone do we find our strength. 

Have a lovely week!